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Welcome to Securesphere

We offer a range of Information Security and Risk services [from Shanghai, China] that combine security expertise and business common sense in order to deliver the best value for our clients.

Our company helps clients manage their IT security risks so they can focus on managing their own businesses. We bring not only best practices and the latest security strategies, but also a professional and very dedicated team to ensure you are as secure as you should be.

Our experience comes from protecting critical data and infrastructures, so we truly comprehend the challenges faced in making the correct security decisions. Our aim is to provide real solutions that are both pragmatic and sustainable.

How can we help

Did you spend too much on IT security last year ? or not enough. Do you know how much effort is required to bypass your security controls and gain access to your key databases?

We can help. By determining your value at risk and identifying the key threats and vulnerabilities, we assess your security status and offer solutions designed for cost effective protection.

Simplify, then optimise

The approach we take is to focus directly where the most value is being destroyed by over or under control.

By looking at the bigger picture, we see opportunities where controls affect your business growth and customer acquisition more than it helps you protect your business.

Taking such matters into consideration is why we believe we bring a new level of service to our clients.

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